Rémi Rémi Prévost (ray · me · pray · voh) is a tall Web developer working with Mirego in Quebec City, Canada. He enjoys writing code (Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS) that powers beautiful applications.

He describes himself as a sandwich connoisseur, a future portuguese water dog owner, a french music lover, a Vim user, a LOST fan and a Wikipedia addict.

He probably is what modern society would refer to as “geek”, although he hates computer games, except for Aquanoid and Minecraft.

He shrinks his thoughts into 140 characters on , shares some code he writes on GitHub (Her, Teamocil, Microscope, Bourgeois, Gaffe), uploads his presentations on Speaker Deck, listens to music on Rdio and tracks it on He’s part of the team behind OpenCode and Hack Québec. He can be reached at remi, the usual symbol and then

Also, [some television reference].